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Use this form to register your agent, an admin user, and agent warehouse(s). An email will be sent to the admin with login, password, and other details about your account.

The FastTrack Driver application will be available for download through UniGroup's Van Operator Gateway Portal. ACI will contact each agency regarding the installation of FastTrack Warehouse inventory management system.


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Software Upgrade

FastTrack Software Package includes:

  • FastTrack Driver Automated Inventory Application
  • FastTrack Warehouse BASIC Management System -- web-based, household goods, warehouse & inventory management system. It allows movers to manage and track inventory through its life cycle within their warehouse. It is done by allowing users to setup and manage a location system, customer profile, article table, incoming & outgoing work orders, and giving customers Internet access to their inventory.

The following warehouse upgrade options are available at an additional cost:


By electronically signing this enrollment form, you are affirming your agency wants to actively participate in the automated inventory management program, and that you have received and agree to follow the Standard Operating Procedures.

FastTrack Driver Application Standard Operating Procedures

  • Pack inventories will be entered into FastTrack, validating their accuracy.
  • If the FastTrack Driver application is not used during the origin loading, a handwritten inventory must be used throughout the entire move process.
  • High Value items must be identified on the inventory using the High Value FastTrack option.
  • All items and item descriptions must be entered using fully spelled out words; no codes or abbreviations are allowed.
  • Inventories will be created by first listing the room and then the items in each room (e.g., Living Room, Kitchen, etc.).
  • Customer e-signature must be obtained at origin once inventory is complete.
  • If the customer must leave prior to completion of the inventory, the customer's signature must be obtained.
  • The customer must be given the option to deliver items at delivery. Delivering items must be either scanned off at delivery by the customer or van operator using scanning device or the "deliver item" option within FastTrack.
  • Customer must be given opportunity to enter exceptions to condition within the FastTrack application.
  • Customer's e-signature must be obtained at delivery once all items are off-loaded and delivery process complete.
  • Inventory must be either emailed or printed for the customer based on his/her preference at both origin and destination.